Reasons Why Sofitel Sentosa Singapore Is a Great Place for Family Staycation


Sofitel Sentosa Singapore remains a popular accommodation among tourists. Not only has single rooms this inn also provides large rooms. So the room can accommodate family guests. You can also get a good place for a holiday with children there. However, before taking your little one to travel and stay, you need to know the characteristics of this child-friendly resort.

Sofitel Sentosa Singapore is Strategic

Choose an inn that is in a strategic place like this resort. It is because it closes to the transportation centers and tourist destination places. If you stay in a strategic area, you can save your travel time. The physical conditions of your kids may not be as strong as adults. 

So, you have to concern about it. Long journeys make them prone to fatigue, especially when visiting a place that is very far from your home. Save more time and energy is key to make them happy during their vacation. 

It Has Many Rooms with Double Bed 

For rooms, try to find a resort that at least provides a double bed in the room. It is because usually, children can't sleep peacefully. In addition, good accommodation for children provides spacious rooms. So, it can accommodate the movement of the little one.

If you happen to have to sleep in a separate room, choose an inn that has connected room facilities, such as this resort. Resorts with rooms that have private balconies or terraces can also be an option. It is because the balcony can provide entertainment for your child.

There is a Playroom for Children

The playroom is a facility that should exist if the hotel claims to be child-friendly. No the concept and the location of the playroom or kids club provided; it is a pleasure for the children. Moreover, this resort has a large green garden for children's activities without disturbing other resort visitors.

Available Fridge

Minibars and refrigerators are facilities that are also important if you are staying at a resort with children. Mini fridges, thermos, and water heaters are very useful. The kids like to eat some snacks and drink cold water. So that facilities are very helpful.

Especially if at any time you want to serve food or drinks to children, for example, porridge for baby. Meanwhile, you can use the kitchen to make food if your child's stomach is empty and wants to eat quickly.

Near Minimarket

Minimarkets at resorts that are friendly for family guests are generally available in the lobby. So, when guests need food or snacks for children, there is no need to go out of the inn. Currently, Sofitel Sentosa Singapore is proving to be a child-friendly resort. The inn also provides suitable facilities for family guests.

To be able to stay at this resort, the rates that are set are generally reasonable. However, for the convenience of your family and children, there's nothing wrong with spending an extra fee as long as the vacation becomes more comfortable and fun. 



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